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It can be overwhelming to shop for a new cordless drill. For starters, dozens of drills are being offered by any specified maker. Put them all together, and you have hundreds of choices to choose. This article tries to narrow down the top five brands from which you can buy cordless drills at best prices.

BOSCH PS32-02 – $98.00

According to, this 12-volt drill is one of just two designs in our general-use category with a brushless motor. That implies that the drill can deliver a bit more energy than if a traditional “brushed” engine is used; it also implies that it will operate longer on a charge and will likely have a longer lifespan.It only weighs 2 pounds — less than half the weight of several heavy-duty exercises we’ve tested. The slender, pistol-grip profile makes it easy to wield but also prevents it when not being used from standing upright.

MAKITA FD07R1 – $156.56

It weighs just over 2 pounds and is only 6 inches wide. The Makita earns an excellent rating in the energy exam despite its slim profile and packs a severe punch — making it a reliable alternative to some of the bigger, 18- and 20-volt designs. It earns a Good score for run-time, and the kit comes with two batteries and a quick charger, which is an amazing 60 minutes top off an empty cell.

CRAFTSMAN CMCD720D2 – $139.00

This dynamo can drill quickly, resulting in an excellent speed rating. It’s also one of the few heavy-duty high-scoring designs in our exams under $200. There are two velocity ranges for the craftsman: perfect for precision drilling, zero to 600 rpm; the brief job of boring pilot holes in wood will take up to 2,100 rpm. There are many household activities one can perform with this drill, view this guide now to know more.

DeWALT DCD792D2 – $239.00

This 20-volt drill is neither as sturdy as we tested the largest 18-volt exercises nor as balanced as the finest 12-volt exercises. But this model can be the Goldilocks of cordless drills by dividing the gap between those ends, gaining an excellent handling rating. It’s compact enough that when you swap an overhead light fixture, you won’t tire, but strong enough to bore holes in hardwood without bogging down. If you are torn between voltage ratings, it is worth considering. This DeWalt app gives you the ability to check diagnostics such as battery life, temperature, amount of button pulls and more.

DeWALT DCD991P2 – $ 278.39

This DeWalt 20-volt is one of our top performers, snagging optimum energy, velocity, and run-time scores. However, the heavy 5-hour battery that generates all that energy makes this drill heavy, unbalanced, and somewhat awkward to manage, which is why in our handling evaluation it earns a Fair. It’s at least 1 pound heavier than most other heavy-duty drills, weighing in at 4.7 pounds and more than doubling the weight of some 12-volt designs we have tested. Unlike most drills in our ratings, this one is fitted with three velocity configurations, offering a convenient centre choice for drilling into soft metals like aluminium when the steel velocity is not enough, and the wood velocity is too high. For more such reviews click on and explore.